Filippo Zucchetti is an Italian personal trainer known for his work with professional athletes. Born in Milan in 1968, after 20 years of experience as an instructor and personal trainer of Spinning, Walking, functional gymnastics, Total body and founder of various groups and gyms, he has participated in international ski competitions, Judo, Duathlon, Triathlon worldwide and European, not to mention participating in 12 Ironman. He is known for his expertise in functional training and his commitment to developing and implementing innovative fitness techniques.
In 2012 he achieved:
  • Three-year diploma in masseur and head lifeguard (auxiliary art of the health professions-ministry of health 1264/1927, r.d.1334/1929, r.d. 1265/1934).
  • Course at the University of Pisa master in posturology.
  • Course in postural education at the FIF (Italian Fitness Federation).
  • Course in postural gymnastics at the FBI (Fitness Best Innovation).
  • Spinning course at the FIF (Italian Fitness Federation).

In 2015 Filippo has his first approach to the world of golf, thanks to the collaboration with Il Golf della Montecchia. With such a diverse list of clients, from the group of athletes who frequent the club, to international level athletes, Filippo emphasizes the modalities of his training by transmitting his positive force from the gym to everyday life, from the playing field to championship matches, shaping the level and method of training.
In 2016 the challenge with Guido Migliozzi began, already then a promise of the Italian Federation, but with an above average talent. Within a few years Guido will become a professional athlete of the DP Tour collecting various victories within the international circuit. Filippo is still his personal trainer and physiotherapist.
In 2019 the collaboration also began with the professional Renato Paratore, also a player of the DP Tour. This challenge leads Filippo to develop and then transfer new working techniques to the athletes. The environment is now no longer the gym but the golf course where he personally follows them to play the Tour races. The results achieved with the two athletes in four years of work are evident: 3 victories in the European Tour and 4 finals in Dubai.
In September 2022 Guido Migliozzi won the French Open. Hence the contact with other prominent players, such as:
Pablo Larrazábal
Nino Bertasio
Laporta Francesco
After this positive experience gained on and off the field with various athletes, Filippo decides in 2022 to share his method through ActiveSwinGym®, thus creating an innovative online Fitness system with specific exercises for the whole body, dedicated to golf but within the reach of all, to be performed without tools, where you want and when you want.
Filippo explains, illustrates and talks to you about training to make it part of your life, about creating and maintaining your positive mindset.